The new ze pé catalogue 2022 is online
The new catalog with more than 170 pages includes all new products and of course also our products that have been on sale for several years.

Our lines of buffet items are: FANTASY, NATURE, ZEROUNO & QUADRO, WIREFRAME, CLASSIC and CLASSIC INOX. For the FANTASY line we have added a large variety of new products.

Our lines of service trolleys are: NATURE, TACTUS, SMILE, PARIS, ROMA and SPECIAL. For the SMILE line we have introduced the new SMILE GUERIDON trolleys.

ONline since september 2018
Our SMILE trolley line was born in 2018.

A modern line in natural or wengé colored oak, combined with mirror polished stainless steel and other materials of the highest quality.

The SMILE line consists of different types of BASE trolleys to which various modular elements can be added such as the TOP for cheeses, sweets, cold cuts, drinks and OPTIONALS such as the bottle holder, the hanger holder, the railing and the ice holder.

updated in february 2020
The only combinable buffet line with a harmonious, innovative and customizable design.

In the FANTASY line there are two types of bases that also include ice packs for refrigeration and also a wide range of inserts and elements that can be added to create the buffet according to your style and preferences and which allows an infinite number of combinations.

updated in august 2020
Modern buffet products with an elegant style in solid walnut wood.

The NATURE buffet line is a beautiful and complete range for displaying all types of food on the buffet table.

In addition to being beautiful and giving any environment a touch of elegance, walnut wood guarantees solidity and indestructibility.