Know-how, reliability, competence, quality, production control cycle, respect for the "promise", speed, spare parts offerings, and implementation of special projects.

These are our services that in the last three decades have allowed us to expand our product range and to satisfy even the most particular requests.

The world of gastronomy is very competitive. It is no longer enough to offer the guest the "normal" service. The hotelier must offer something special to the guest, both in terms of food and presentation. Our high-quality products have been conceived, studied and created for the visual presentation of the culinary art.

starting with an idea
All articles produced and presented are the result of study of Italian design, research of materials, choice of colors and other additional steps.

Solid wood, colored polycarbonate, mirror polished steel are the essential elements of our projects. The study and implementation of ideas follow the process of: draft, design, approval, prototype creation, adjustments, material evaluation, cost verification, and finally, presentation of the product or line to customers.

Knowing the requirements of all parties involved is essential for designing, implementing and maintaining quality product over time.

here for the long haul
Even after years of purchasing our products, we can still supply spare parts.

Due to the high quality of the materials used, a Ze Pé product is often still in use after a long time. It is possible after years and years of use the integrity or the loss of a part of the product may occur. No problem, we keep a large offering of spare parts in our warehouse to meet every request.

the right product for you
Whatever your idea is, together we will find a solution. We enjoy new projects with you, giving you continuity over time.

Ze Pé is specialized in creating projects that meet all the requirements and needs requested by the customers. The product we design respects all the dimensions, colors, types of materials, and shapes that our customer desires.

Customization with the company logo, or with a special color, is also possible for a certain number of our items.

for your ideas
Ze Pé introduces the concept of craftsmanship into the relationship with the client.

Following, step by step, the development of special requests, and coordinating the different ideas to be implemented, is our daily work. The care we devote with the customer during the various processes aims to conclude with a project that is not only emotional, long lasting in use and fulfills the clients need.

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