Our motto is "Ad maiora semper": always strive for better things.

Superior craftsmanship, quality materials, and tasteful presentations make Ze Pé an internationally established brand in the hotel, restaurant, and catering sector. The colors, style, Italian design, and choice of materials are the result of a united team dedicated to the constant improvement of products and services. Our combined experiences are poured into production to obtain the maximum quality and practicality of the product, and to ensure each product is 100% MADE IN ITALY. We are proud to have the most prestigious hotels, gourmet restaurants, luxury cruise ships, and catering specialists as our customers.

Since 1992
Quality product founded by two souls—one South Tyrolean and the other Mediterranean.

Ze Pé was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in the city of Bressanone (Alto Adige/North of Italy). Immediately, the company's interest focused on products for the hospitality industry. Founder and owner of the company, Giuseppe Zema, along with his wife, Sonja, and son, Alessandro, are the heart and soul of the company. Family character is, therefore, the hallmark of the Ze Pé brand.

CRAFTSMANSHIP - ARtigiano - Handwerk - Artisan
An added value of craftsmanship is created through care and thoughtfulness of the craftsman and his collaborators.

Time, attention to detail, skillfulness, and dedication to the craft, along with the history of art and design, and environmental sustainability are hidden behind an artisanal production, adding value to each Ze Pé product.

The Greek word "Technè" means art and crafts. This concept means so much to us at Ze Pé because it highlights the internal connection between art and crafts.

In South Tyrol, craftsmanship is held in high regards because it expresses friendship, closeness, work, economy, and social values. The collaborator is a fundamental part of this idea; the workshop merges with them to get the most out of materials, innovative means, and style.

unique and unmistakable PRoducts
One principle stands above all else at Ze Pé— accuracy.

There are many craftsmen, fitters, installers, and designers at Ze Pé, but regardless of the type of work, we are united by the need to do it well even in the smallest detail. This accuracy is shown in our product lines and customized items.

Woodworking is performed with rigorous artisan ideals. Soft, acrylic, transparent or colored paints are applied and treated with the utmost respect for the environment. Therefore, the choice of suppliers is handled with the same artisanal and environmental rigor.

Meticulous craftsmanship is very important in our daily work. Each time you work with a Ze Pé product, you will feel the warmth and pleasantness behind each piece, providing a unique and unmistakable experience.

always at your disposal

Every member of our team is important, and collaboration between departments is just as crucial as exchanging information with our resellers and end customers. The technical, administrative and commercial team is always happy and available for our customers.

Giuseppe Zema
Design and production
  • T +39 0472 200 334
  • M +39 335 808 2986
  • giuseppe@zepe.com
Sonja Longhi Zema
Administration and controlling CFO
  • T +39 0472 200 334
  • M +39 339 165 8702
  • buffet@zepe.com
Alessandro Zema
Production and quality control
  • T +39 0472 200 334
  • M +39 335 808 2986
  • alessandro@zepe.com
Fabio Zema
Sales and marketing
  • T +39 0472 200 334
  • M +39 324 580 5500
  • fabio@zepe.com

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